GreatGrow for Lively Soil – Without Chemicals, Naturally.

GreatGrow Soil Amendments

Biologically balanced soil is required for healthy, desirable plant roots to flourish and from which nutrients are readily supplied to plants. Soil needs a broad spectrum of aerobic, beneficial biology to transport and to convert nutrients into plant available form.

GreatGrow – the healthy foundation for better yields

GreatGrow is the only known product that has a wide range of aerobic, beneficial organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa and beneficial nematodes. This composition provides the healthy foundation for soil and foliage. In the soil, these organisms are the means by which the minerals, nutrients, organic acids and enzymes are delivered to the plants’ root systems. GreatGrow delivers these microbes that help protect the plants against soil-borne diseases and establish microbial symbiotic roots attached externally and within the cell walls of roots. By building an aerobic (oxygen rich) soil structure, the biological balance will be (re-) instated. This rapidly improves soil drainage or increased soil retention of water and oxygen, depending on the prevailing conditions. These are the main reasons why growers and farmers are increasing the quantity and quality of their produce and plants. GreatGrow also enables the farming of formerly not harvestable sections of their land.

GreatGrow - never change a running system

The soil in the rain forests of the world have relatively small levels of nutrients, but an abundance of microbiology. Plants adjust their nutrient consumption during its growing period. That’s how unspoiled nature works. When using GreatGrow, no additional additive is required to increase plant growth and achieve better health. Because GreatGrow brings the microbiology – life back into the soil.


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