Floral Idea of the Week (23)

Romantic decoration
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Colourful frame

Romantic decoration for a narrow table or buffet

The reusable wooden frame can be re-decorated according to event and season. In this case the basic form is wrapped with a thick, red wool, which gives it a very extravagant effect. Summer flowers of varying degrees of red emphasize the colourful effect. Their elegant character is ideal for a romantic situation.

Season: Summer.

Impression: Romantic. Flowery. Vibrant. Regal. Extravagant.

Design elements:
Form: Rectangle standing upright.
Colours: Tints, tones and shades of red.
Textures: Woollen. Velvety. Silky. Rough.
Movements: Striving upright. Striving upright with a round/domed ending and unfolding to all sides. Playful.
Structure: Vertically structured rectangular frame standing upright.       

Design categories:
Symmetrical. Decorative. Parallel. Several points of emergence with single or several outputs. Horizontally directed. Varied density.

Design principles:
Dominance of colour, texture and structure. Accentuation by movements. Reduction of colours. Monochromatic harmony.

Floral materials: Lathyrus odoratus. Sanguisorba minor. Pelargonium grandiflorum. Brodiaea Ida Maija. Nigella darmascena. Sambucus nigra.

Nonfloral materials: Wooden frame. Wool. Wrapping wire. Unpainted supporting wire.

Containers: Test tubes.

Work processes: Making the shape. Placing in tubes.

Techniques: Wrapping onto a form. Attaching.

More information about this theme:
The textbook “100 Floral Ideas for the Convivial Table” by Brigitte Heinrichs und Jürgen Potthoff described  in detail all works of table decoration. So the reader can follow the basic design decisions about form, colour, texture, structure and movements, but also about the categories of design in all their particulars. The used floral and nonfloral materials are listed. The reader lerns for which occasions the floral works are suitable and get many helpful hints.