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When the sun shines in particularly warm tones and there is already a hint of autumn in the air, heather plants have their big show. They just belong to the late summer and fall. While other plants prepare for the winter break, heathers are in full bloom. Therefore heath now is so great for the balcony and patio planting. Combined with physalis, rose hips or apples even small areas can be personalized with this species planted atmospheric.

Plant Heath

Heathers can be planted with commercial potting soil in boxes or trays. Carefully loosen the root system before inserting and dip the root balls in water. Each individual plant needs about four inches square in the box. Thus, the heath has enough space to unfold. Most heath species grow best in sunny locations. The plants should not be much, but regularily watered. With good drainage in the pot or box, waterlogging is avoided.

Combine Heath

On larger surfaces, such as patios, heath looks very good pure by itself. The result is a dense and quiet carpet of flowers. Those who do not prefer a minimalist, should combine heath with other plants and colors.

 Companion color plants:
• Purple: Bugle, Ornamental Cabbage, Heuchera, Hardy Clover
• Pink: Asters, Cyclamen, Coral Bells
• Red: Gaultheria, Stonecrop
• Yellow / Orange: Horned Violets, Chrysanthemums, Moneywort
• Green: Muehlenbeckia, Succulents, Knotweed, Ivy