Small fruits with big taste

Strawberry plants
© Lubera

Strawberry plants offer the potential of harvesting fruit even in tight quarters. The berries can be eaten raw — in yogurt, for example, in cereal, or as a wholesome snack. They can also be turned into wine, jam, or cake. The garden strawberry (Vaccinium corymbosum and varieties) have location demands similar to rhododendron. They are sensitive to the presence of lime and thrive best in humus-rich, acidic soil. Growing them in a box or pot is a good solution, if the ground is unfavorable: containers filled with rhododendron soil give strawberries good growing conditions. This holds true for the strawberry’s close relative, cranberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea). Their bright red fruit tastes tart-sour and is primarily eaten cooked. They’re popular, for example, with baked camembert or as a side dish with wild game. Since their leaves are evergreen, little cranberry bushes can bring color to the garden or balcony throughout the winter.