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Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, China rose, is a popular ornamental plant – and with good reason, for no matter where you place it, it creates a beautiful tropical atmosphere with its large, brightly-coloured single or double flowers. It is available in many colours, including white, yellow, pink, red, apricot, orange and two-tone.

Einblatt, Spathiphyllum
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Houseplant for the month of June 2015: The Peace Lily belongs to the Araceae (arum) family, just like the Flamingo Flower and Zantedeschia, because of the similarities in their structures. We know of at least 50 different cultivars of Peace Lily, which almost all have white flowers and are occasionally a little green.

Table decoration
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Elegant rural rectangular accent
Regal table decoration for a modern-elegant ambience in black and white in the conservatory or at the terrace.

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Every mother is unique. That’s why Mother’s Day gifts can’t always just be bought straight off the shelf, but must be tailor-made to the recipient’s nature and desires. With flowers, there are no boundaries; use their favorite colors and varieties and even their placement preferences within the garden or on the terrace.