Edible Gifts

culinary treats, arrangement of herbs

Impress your hosts with an original gift that’s both lovely and practical. Culinary treats are all the rage. A sweet arrangement of herbs, edible plants, and bedding or container flowers in a basket is a personalized gift that will last.

The selection of herbs and edible plants is enormous right now. Don’t lose sight of the big picture – focus on elements that fit the occasion or the host. Some sure bets: a herb bouquet of chives, parsley, and chervil – for salad dressing, for example. When nicely packaged in a basket or colorful bowl, they can become long-lived decor for the balcony or patio, ready for harvesting as needed. Those who want a little more color can alternate herbs with blooming nasturtium and marigold. These flowers are both edible and real lookers. 

An Italian take on the idea can include typical Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, thyme, and oregano. These don’t need a lot of water and will also withstand the strong sun of a patio table. Young tomato plants are a nice centerpiece for these arrangements; the compact varieties available in garden centers, even with fruit already set, will continue to grow in the pot and set tomatoes that can be picked right from the vine.

Lovers of Mexican cuisine will be thrilled by a gift of fiery chilis. The plants bear lots of fruit in a richly decorative array of colors, from light green to red. Pair them with coriander, another common flavoring in Mexican dishes.

Land spot-on at a cocktail party with a gift of potted lemon balm and mint. Lemon balm is primarily used as decoration for drinks, while mint gives mojitos their zesty taste. Both herbs are easy to care for and will even overwinter in-ground or in flower boxes. Dwarf lemon and lime trees will likewise bear fruit ripe for the glass.

Include Care Tips with the Gift

When you buy plants in a good garden center, they’ll also provide essential care tips. Make sure this expert know-how is included in the gift: write it on a card and fasten it with a handsome ribbon. That way, hosts who don’t have a green thumb will still enjoy the gift beyond the party. If you’re feeling even more creative, include a fitting recipe.

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