Great Performance Score in Study for Nemesia “Angelart”

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For customers in the trade, an important question is, “How long will the flowers stay in excellent form after delivery to the point of sale, and without a lot of care?” Products that are very robust have a large advantage at the POS. This is a strong sales argument to use in sales. Fides tested four Angelart Nemesias under simulated “at retail” conditions. On the first day, the plants were transported on a CC trolley. They were then kept 10 days under controlled air and artificial light. At night the lights were turned off, to replicate the condition which the plants have at POS. They were only watered when the substrate was dry.
The result? All tested varieties were saleable after eight days and even showed new flowers. The Nemesia “Angelart Almond” had the best showing – it was a very strong plant and within the longer 10 day period showed less flower loss. Under artificial light the flowers that came up later were a little bit smaller, however they kept flowering the whole time. In general, one can say: artificial light over a long term affects the number, size and colour of the flowers. Result: the better the light is at the POS, the longer the plants maintain their consumer appeal. The color intensity of the Nemesia “Angelart” as well as its attractive scent should mean that it will “move off the shelf” quickly anyway and arrive in the consumer’s garden or on her balcony quickly.

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