igs Hamburg 2013

igs-Shrub-Rose „Sonnenwelt“
© igs 2013/Andreas Bock

The Boulevard of Roses blooms all summer long. Hardly a plant is so famous and more admired. Consequently on the international garden show hamburg (igs 2013), the queen of flowers plays a glamorous role. 8,000 floribunda, shrub and ground covering roses are now starting to bloom in many forms, colors and sizes on the over half acre (2,500 sqm) Boulevard of Roses.

Among them a few dozen new species. The Boulevard of Roses extends over a major axis and two transverse axes with a total of 80 separate patches. Higher roses interspersed with low-growing species. The areas come in shades of white-pink-red-purple or light-yellow-orange or yellow-orange-copper. Color-coordinated perennials are interspersed in between as partner plants: larkspur, sage and geranium.

The Rose Garden Show boulevard connects the site of the "World of Ports" with the "World of Cultures" and performs the allotment "Grüner Deich" (green dyke/levee). Many of the varieties presented were awarded the ADR seal. ADR stands for "Approved German Roses". This certificate will only given to roses that have proven as particularly floriferous, robust and healthy and do not require chemical pesticides over the test and trial gardens.

Award-winning roses

The amber colored and delicately scented igs-shrub-rose "Sun World" has received the the special "RR" price. This award is given to last year's best varieties: best remontant (bloom again) and healthiest (most resistant) variety. It was cultivated by W. Kordes' Söhne, one of the leading rose-growing companies in the world, based in Klein Offenseth-Sparrieshoop (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany).

The glowing red igs-Meilland rose "Elbjuwel" with its loose upright growth, beautiful double blooms and enchanting fragrance is a product of BKN Strobel in Holm (Schleswig-Holstein).

Rose fans be aware: Both igs roses can also be purchased at the garden show - in the gardeners market at the main entrance and in the farmers market at the south entrance. (igs)

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