Keukenhof 2013

Have you ever seen more than 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, all in bloom? Keukenhof park will be open to the public from Thursday 21 March to Monday 20 May (Whit Monday) 2013. In the past 64 years, over 50 million visitors from every corner of the globe have discovered the delights of Keukenhof.

In addition to over 32 hectares of flowers, the spring garden offers 30 inspiring flower shows, 7 amazing inspirational gardens and 100 wonderful works of art.

Keukenhof is a park that changes according to nature.

The long winter with many cold and snowy days are the reason that the bloom has started later than usual. But it is now changing rapidly in the park. At the moment the crocuses are in bloom and within the next few days the first tulips will start blooming. This year 100,000 additional tulips and other bulb flowers have been placed in containers. By doing so the park looks colourful already. The Willem-Alexander pavilion is now blooming showing thousands of bulbous flowers. The orchid show in the Beatrix pavilion is absolutely amazing and this also applies to the tulip show in the Oranje Nassau pavilion.

United Kingdom - Keukenhof theme 2013

The United Kingdom, Land of Great Gardens will be the Keukenhof theme for 2013. This theme will not only be highlighted through the ‘My Great Garden’ exhibition and the various flower shows in between British elements, but surely through the immense bulb flower mosaic, showing the London Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. For more informations:

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